September 22, 2018

Nicole and Daultyn at Historic Fort Hunter Mansion

Nicole and Daultyn’s love for one another spans across the seas. Daultyn is proudly serving in the United State Air Force. The military life isn’t an easy one. When we say, “thank you for you service” to a military service member, we sometimes forget about the family that stands behind that soldier. The family members are just as brave and are still serving our country through their love, dedication and sacrifice.
Just a few days after Nicole and Daultyn’s wedding day, over a year and a half ago, they left for their first big adventure and drove more than halfway across the country to their new home and base. Their marriage has started out with so much trust and adventure! They have had seasons of being apart with a ton of Facetime dates and seasons of happily living life in the same continent and in the same home. Through all of that, it’s quite evident that their love is deeper than the oceans and higher than the mountains. The way they laugh and embrace and smile at one another. It’s like no time has passed and they haven’t skipped a beat.
Thank you Daultyn for serving our country and thank you Nicole for serving right alongside of him! Love you guys!

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