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My Love Story | How We Fell In Love


November 19, 2019


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Hi there! Welcome to the Sandy Berry Photography blog, a journal about our clients love stories. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm Sandy


Growing up I did not dance. My family did not dance. Not because it was bad or forbidden or anything like that. My family just doesn’t have rhythm and we didn’t know how. In college, when I was introduced to school dances, my friends had to show me how to move my shoulders and loosen my feet. Sounds silly right?

9 years ago today on November 19th there was a swing dance on our college campus. It was definitely not on my radar. Up until this point, I had just a few years in college of rocking back and forth or mimicking the shopping cart move with friends at the Christmas dance and Spring Fling. But I was at my max on dance moves.

My friend, Becca saw that her friend Jason and I were getting along quite nicely and suggested that we should go to this dance together. It didn’t sound like a good idea. Not because of him but because of my inability to move my feet in a coordinated manner. I also didn’t know what in the world I was going to wear. Well Becca to the rescue. She let me borrow a dress and shoes and I had no excuses. Jason invited me to the swing dance and proudly proclaimed that he was taking lessons on campus and would show me how.

As I was getting ready to go out, I had this exciting feeling in my stomach. I distinctly remember standing in the bathroom, looking in the mirror as I put my makeup on. In a crystal clear voice, I heard in my spirit, “Let yourself fall in love tonight.” I froze and thought, “What!?” And once again, “Let yourself fall in love tonight.” I was in such shock and awe that God had to repeat Himself. He knew I had to have a clear green light before I’d let myself get involved in another relationship. Now it was extremely clear. I could let my guard down and enjoy getting to know this cute guy who invited me to the swing dance. It seemed a bit quick and drastic to just “fall in love” with someone. But I knew it was the start of something good.

We wondered into the dimly lit gymnasium where the music was at full blast. The reality of dancing in front of other people kind of set in. Without even mentioning my potential embarrassment, Jason graciously escorted me to the outskirts of the dance floor to show me some basic step-by-step moves. We ended up staying on the side lines for most of the night. It was much more comfortable for me to continue the one-on-one lessons. It turned into a nice intimate swing dance for two rather than worrying about everyone else. We laughed together as he showed me what steps to take and when. As I got the hang of it he encouraged me. But I’m sure I looked like a hot mess.

When the dancing stopped and the lights flashed on indicating it was over, we made our way to a local diner and talked until the late hours of the night. We asked all of those getting to know you questions like what are your hobbies, what’s your favorite color and silly things like that.  And that’s where our relationship took off. As some time passed we looked back to reflect on when our relationship began. Nine years ago on November 19th is when we fell in love.

Photo credit: Bianca Tang Photography

This is a picture from that dance. Look at us!! Such babies! Jason doesn’t look old enough to be in college.

I’m so excited to start sharing our love story because this is just one minor piece of whole picture. I’m excited to share more this next season. Stayed tuned!

Start Over at Part 1: How We Met or continue to Part 4: Meeting the Family

  1. Kathy says:

    What a nice story about two really nice people. Nine years of finding each other and sharing each other’s life.

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I'm Sandy and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about my clients stories and some of my own. Stay a while and say hello!

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