My Love Story

February 12, 2020

My Love Story | Part 5: College Memories

My love story with Jason would be amiss if I didn’t include memories from our college days.

We had some of our best conversations on long walks around campus, studying at the student union and eating together in the cafeteria. One semester we took the same gen ed class and were constantly competing over our test scores. I wish I would have met Jason earlier in college so that he could helped me with my math classes, I would have done much better.

We enjoyed going to worship nights together, driving friends to church, playing in ultimate frisbee req leagues and forming strong bonds with some of our now lifelong friends.

We met in college and it holds some of our “firsts” memories. Some were very sentimental and some were quite funny.

Holding Hands

On a cold November evening, Jason invited me to one of his rec league football games. I watched him from the sidelines and he did all that he could to impress me. After the game we walked back together and he reached over to interlock his fingers with mine. However, there was a slight problem. I had mittens on! We laughed out loud and then just clasped hands and walked together with big grins on our faces.

The Greatest Gesture

If you have pulled an “all nighter” in college, you know they aren’t pleasant. You try to pump yourself up with caffeine and snacks but it’s not extremely helpful. You nod off face down on your computer and you’re questioning all of your life decisions. Jason knew I was working on a big project and was torturing myself from my procrastination. He did the greatest gesture he could have ever done for me. He showed up at my door in the morning with a mocha latte. I quickly thanked him and gave him a hug. He walked away with a huge smile on his face because I hugged him. I shut the door with a smile on my face because he brought me my favorite thing, coffee. This memory sticks out to me because he still makes me coffee every morning. That is true love right there.

First Kiss

Let’s just say our first kiss was…funny. We were talking and sharing our goodbyes. We paused and looked into each others eyes and then the most romantic kiss in the entire world happened! False. The first kiss was kind of funny and awkward. I’ll leave you in suspense. I’ll reassure you that the second kiss was cute.

There are more stories but that captures some of the best! I’m thankful that we had the opportunity to meet and date while on the same college campus. They are some of our best memories!

In case you missed the last post, make sure you go back and read about Jason meeting my family!

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