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Happy Anniversary | 7 Years of Marriage


May 25, 2020


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Hi there! Welcome to the Sandy Berry Photography blog, a journal about our clients love stories. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm Sandy


Jason, I can’t believe we’ve been married for 7 years already!! Each year that passes, our love only gets stronger.

One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned is that marriage requires a great deal of selflessness. It requires putting our feelings, attitudes and agendas aside sometimes to make the other person feel loved. It requires patience and biting my tongue, even if you feel like I’m right. I always think back to our first year of marriage. We were in our own place and starting a real adult life together. That was a learning curve year! It was wonderful but its a big reality check to live with someone and share space and “adulting” together. It requires unconditional love for one another.  Then you learn that when you truly love the other person the best way that you can, both of your goals and needs are met, no matter how small.

Marriage also brings a great deal of joy. We enjoy each season and each day together. In this season of life, we enjoy the quietness of our home.  Sleeping in on the weekend and enjoying late night movies. We love sitting out on our deck each night in the summer and talking about our day. We reminisce and laugh about some of the best vacations we’ve enjoyed together and then some of the worst. The best being Aruba and Emerald Isle with family. Some of our worst on the list being the Poconos and our 5 year anniversary trip to Punta Cana. Even in the best and worst moments I’m thankful to have you by my side. We are like minded and unified on all fronts. Our faith in Jesus is the foundation of that unity.

Jason, you are my best friend and I’m so thankful for you! You are the sweetest person I have ever met. You are truly selfless and kind in all circumstances. When I only see my short comings, you point out every strength. When I am feeling defeated, you know just what to say to bring the right perspective. I am thankful that you make me coffee each morning and for your prayers before bed each night. Thank you for telling me that I’m beautiful, even if I don’t feel like it. Thank you for loving me even when I don’t deserve it. I’m thankful for each year of marriage. I’m thankful for our story. I love you so much! Happy Anniversary!

If you’d like to read more of our story, you can start the series here. Or if you’d like to just read about our wedding from 7 years ago, you can read that here.

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I'm Sandy and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about my clients stories and some of my own. Stay a while and say hello!

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